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Hi everyone. Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Ranji Kwatra. I hold the prestigious title of G.G. (GIA), which is ‘Graduate Gemologist’. GIA or ‘Gemological Institute of America’ which is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, USA and is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds and gemstones.

Besides earning the title of G.G., I’ve also earned many more titles from GIA: Jewelry Essentials (GIA), Diamond Essentials (GIA), Colored Stone Essentials (GIA), Accredited Jewelry Professional (GIA), Diamonds and Diamond Grading (GIA), Colored Stones (GIA), Graduate Diamonds (GIA), Graduate Colored Stones (GIA), Pearl Grading (GIA), and Gem Identification (GIA).

In addition to my education at GIA, I was also a member of NAJA, ‘National Association of Jewelry Appraisers’. It is very difficult to get this membership because to get it, one has to have the highest of work ethics. I’m no longer a member of NAJA as I travel overseas a lot, but I am still in very good standing with NAJA and its Director, Gail Levine.


Since the time I was a little child, I was fascinated with gems. Whenever I was out in the mountains, I loved to collect stones. Any crystal that was colorless was a diamond, any green colored stone was an emerald and any red stone was a ruby for me.

At that time I had no idea I would be sitting here in front of you today as an authority on how to buy diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. When I landed in the USA in 2001, after getting married to my most wonderful wife, I found out that GIA was like fifteen minutes drive from where I lived; at that time I understood why destiny had placed me in North County San Diego.

I have been involved in the Gem and Fine Jewelry industry for over 15 years and have also worked for various big corporations that have a presence all over the USA.


Having worked in a mall setting for various big corporations, I’ve had to cross many hurdles because of my honest approach. The salespeople are told in no uncertain words to lie or even create something fictional just to get the sale. All this while having no concern for the customer or respecting the customer’s hard-earned money.

Well, I refused this approach as “me no give BS and me no take BS”. About three months down the line, my approach paid off; one of the company bigwigs flew down from headquarters to congratulate me for being the top salesperson in the entire country.

My point here is that just the way 99% of customers are uneducated about diamonds and jewelry, so are 99% of salespeople uneducated. Fine jewelry is not like fruits and vegetables you buy every day. Jewelry is something that is cherished for years and even enjoyed for generations to come.

I’d rather listen to my customer’s needs, meet those needs, and go that extra mile with a smile while educating my customer. Thereafter, money is automatic and guaranteed!

Bottom line: Move over unscrupulous dealers. Ranji Kwatra is now making sure, customers and their money are being treated well!


Now, with the help of an online platform, I am providing this same superior service to all my customers almost worldwide. I am affiliating myself with only the best dealers who I have thoroughly researched and are on the same wavelength as I am.

If you have any questions pertaining to the purchase of your diamonds, gemstones, and fine jewelry, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to assist you. This is a free service to my customers. I do not charge you because I will be making my commissions from the dealers if you purchase via my links to them.

I hope you will allow me to be a part of your jewelry buying journey. Given the chance, I’ll make it as much of a fun experience while turning you into a “diamond snob”.

I’ll take care of the technicalities while you take care of your romance!

Please note that this is a new website and I will be setting up affiliations with the dealers in the near future as and when traffic picks up. In the meanwhile, I am happy that I am able to guide you in the right direction and also these honest dealers are benefitting from my service.

Wishing everyone all the very best,

Ranji Kwatra, G.G. (GIA)

Email: ranji@diamondsnobs.com


Ranji Kwatra

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